Bagio Systems

BAGIO is an efficient semi underground waste system for collection of waste and the biggest advantage of this system is that it is space efficient and better on the eye than wheelie bins or a skip container. However the system is not recommended for the disposal of sharp or pointy objects/waste. However we do have other options to remove these types of waste and will be able to assist you.

The Bagio can be installed in virtually any location and it is extremely versatile for collecting the different materials. The collection point can be built to required dimensions by using the different sized containers we have available.

The two options we currently have of the BAGIO containers consist of the BAGIO 3 (3m³ bag system) and the BAGIO 5 (5m³ bag system)

The container body is rotational moulded, 100% waterproof, impact resistant and made out of UV protected HD polyethylene. The surface consists of a structured finish and is dark grey. The lid is made of the same material. The colour of the lid is dark grey with a granite effect.

The assembly depth of 1750mm and visible height of 1250mm are the same for both  the Bagio 3 and Bagio 5 systems. However the diameter is 1500mm for the Bagio 3 and 1820mm for the Bagio 5.

Empting the Bagio is done by lifting it with a crane and moving it towards the back of the compactor truck. At the truck the bag is opened and the waste is fed into the compactor. When empty, the bags is returned to it dedicated position.